Cant Be Tamed…

J’aime Miley Cyrus haha but listening to Cant Be Tamed and no one in the world can tell me otherwise I will always say “I go thro guys like money flyin’ out their HANES!” hahaha I like that version much better LOL!!!

Miley Cyrus featuring Johnzo West - You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go


This morning i was kinda in a sleep awake type thing ANYWAYS VH1 was on and Jumpstart was on and while i was laying down i was listening to wht was playing and then a song came on i hadnt heard then she started singing and i was like…. WAIT NO WAY so i got up to look and sure enough Miley Cyrus was on i was like WHT?!?!?! when did this song come out?!?! hahaha! I want a new album so bad!!! haha it would just make my life LOL ;P

La La La

GEEZ haha im obsessed with Miley Cyrus radio on iheartradio!!! :] hahahaha!!!

Soon Please

I want a new freaking Lady Gaga album and a new Miley Cyrus album!! I heard both are release’n albums this year hopefully that stays true :] PLEASE haha that is all lol!!